Thursday, May 22, 2008


/outside look of the window display/

/homebase window filled with my crap/

/homebase open window/

/ come around back and you can pick up your books/

/keystone digital press/

wednesday was one of those days i will never forget just because how much shit i piled into one day and how much gas i spent. i went to west chester in the morning to pick up the book, put up a window display at homebase, more running around, blick for frames and then back to Michael's for frames . painting frames. framing from 8 till 1: 30 in the morning. signed and numbered posters for the event out of 30. i wish i took a picture at Blick just because the general manager, janet, asked if i was ok because of how stressed i looked. i must have looked terrible.she hooked up a discount on how bad i looked. well, that look worked.
i hope people come out. details

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