Tuesday, March 31, 2009

get serious?...

i been getting really serious lately. so serious , that i would say" rally serious". that's right. rally!
spring is here and we have been out hitting the streets. yes ir'!

Monday, March 30, 2009

wesley snipes...

Wes is a homie from Homebase Skateshop and the Lehigh Valley area. he is a manwhore , skates really sick and sometimes could be completely ruthless. he is a great dude.i back him tons.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

tuesdays mess...

* don't pay your shit up, we will roll up, block your car and grip your wheels*
* the spot we like*
* frank filming get up*
went skating with Derek and Franklin. met up with JB later in the day. good day for sure.

week recap.... mega post son! part 1

this past Monday, met up with Jared and put some of the final touches on the newest fresh meat songs. we are suppose to do the final mix next week. check out a sample.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


people putting a stop to this craze going on in Allentown. cause, writing no graffity is going to stop em' now. isn't it? tards.


this is the first time i ever saw this on these machines. i usually just see it showing 0 and then peace. this time , it said dead. so i had to stay parked here.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


*this is fucking bacon!*
*french toast with slabs of bacon. *
*close up. i know, let's go this week!*
*waffles and ice cream? don't mind if i do.*

what a day Saturday was. we were waiting for friends from drunkdriver to come down and eat breakfast at one of the best spots in the whole area.they ran into severe hangovers and couldn't make it. michele and i went anyway. the atmosphere and especially being at a rod and gun club type place, you can't go wrong. as you are getting out of your cars, you hear guns going off and then it just sets in.

you are at the Powderbourne.

Michele and i ate one of the best breakfasts in awhile. i suggest trying to find this place. it is out there in the woods.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

vinyl ... do it...3

white lung...7''...deranged records...
all girl punk rock from Canada. sounds of the dark, creepy 80's style punk. what ever that means right?solid. i heard the track , magazines, and been waiting for someone to have this. picked it up at Double Decker records. search for more of their stuff.

vinyl ... do it...2

slices...7'' ... 160h records...
i ordered this thru the website(www.160h.com) and have been so pleased with it. these Pittsburgh dudes can lay it down and not disappoint. i have given this many listens and each track rips. what a surprise, they have a song called bad mask like fresh meat. that made for a good laugh. this is dinge and x- members warzone womyn project and probably other x- members of Pittsburgh bands. fast and slow at times. total L7 influence on coping mechanism and that a simple sale for me.
get on it...

more vinyl...1

crud is a cult... 7''...

by far, the most influential record of mine( this is the alternate cover) that has made me, well, me.
songs, mostly tongue in cheek shit, about people and what has been said. and what has been done. this band was a joke but, Sean, laid down some of the best lines ever.
" a fist fuck to my head"
get this if you ever see it.

cliff can't stop...

even for the olley over , the dead cat made us all not skate this for the day. cliff made the olley and i tried shovel-moving the cat and couldn't commit.

your lives are all up. sucks.

Monday, March 16, 2009

fresh meat reviews...

here is another one i found on another site...

sorry state reviews:

FRESH MEAT - Killer bad-times punk from Allentown, Pennsylvania on Fashionable Idiots Records. While you can definitely hear the similarities to the whole Pissed Jeans / Clockcleaner school of punk, these guys sound a little different to my ear, almost like some super dark, late 70s UK post-punk... like a nastier Killing Joke or even a really dark and evil-sounding Homosexuals. Another ripper from Fashionable Idiots.

this review from yellowgreenred . www.yellowgreenred.com/( rage from pissed jeans site of sorts with interviews and reviews.)

Fresh Meat Sweat Her 7” (Breathing Problem Productions)
Debut single from this new Allentown band certainly fits snugly with other modern noise-rock bands like Drunkdriver and Francis Harold & The Holograms. These guys opt for a Brainbombs-esque menace, as far as the tone is concerned, but the songs rotate through parts in a way that their hardcore punk background would suggest. It’s all pretty serviceable, although I don’t think the lo-fi live recording does their sound justice. The vocals are reverbed out, which only renders them more inaudible; I end up a little more confused than creeped out, which I’d imagine would be the intended effect. B-side “Man Or Woman” is the better of the two, ending on a nicely tape-warped vocal outro. I certainly appreciate that they found it appropriate to warp the actual recording itself, shifting vocalist Ray Gurz’s words as if an exhumed DJ Screw got his hands on the master.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

fresh meat new record...

i do vocals for fresh meat if most don't know. you can get a limited to 100 cover from the label.fashinable idiots. if it isn't sold out by now. the limited version that is.
www.fashionableidiots.com for more answers..

what does fresh meat sound like?

this is a description from them.

"Hailing from Allentown, Fresh Meat picks up right where their debut single left off with three more cuts of bad times and ugly music. The feedback soaked path leads straight to your brain with a pit stop to punch the clock or punch your boss."

i would say, it is dinge, dirty, pissed sounds. i got problems and i am your problem fixer.

Monday, March 9, 2009

brad and max...

a little help?


brad is even bigger now and max is still a little bastard...

how much art can you take?

how much art can you take?

the Subaru makes art i knew about but makes it well.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


look hard at the under shirt. these iron on's will be available thru Brendan a.s.a.p
each purchase will help pay for his broken foot and possible surgery. ask Brendan about buying one.

blaze pipe.

Monday, March 2, 2009

clean me up...

drunk and determined to start cleaning up facial hair for friends whenever they request, bubs, this Pepsi is for you.