Monday, March 16, 2009

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FRESH MEAT - Killer bad-times punk from Allentown, Pennsylvania on Fashionable Idiots Records. While you can definitely hear the similarities to the whole Pissed Jeans / Clockcleaner school of punk, these guys sound a little different to my ear, almost like some super dark, late 70s UK post-punk... like a nastier Killing Joke or even a really dark and evil-sounding Homosexuals. Another ripper from Fashionable Idiots.

this review from yellowgreenred . rage from pissed jeans site of sorts with interviews and reviews.)

Fresh Meat Sweat Her 7” (Breathing Problem Productions)
Debut single from this new Allentown band certainly fits snugly with other modern noise-rock bands like Drunkdriver and Francis Harold & The Holograms. These guys opt for a Brainbombs-esque menace, as far as the tone is concerned, but the songs rotate through parts in a way that their hardcore punk background would suggest. It’s all pretty serviceable, although I don’t think the lo-fi live recording does their sound justice. The vocals are reverbed out, which only renders them more inaudible; I end up a little more confused than creeped out, which I’d imagine would be the intended effect. B-side “Man Or Woman” is the better of the two, ending on a nicely tape-warped vocal outro. I certainly appreciate that they found it appropriate to warp the actual recording itself, shifting vocalist Ray Gurz’s words as if an exhumed DJ Screw got his hands on the master.