Tuesday, June 30, 2009

break from tour...

this is the new lost soul catalog. we had it ready . just got it up now.

you should buy stuff. if you do, you win. if you don't, you will lose.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

tour part 3...

* Jon took a picture of me filming the breakers. they will be in the fresh meat video.
* wind.
*made it to Fargo,ND. nothing was happening at all. found a skatepark and the kids vibed me and asked if i was from around here. played a show with 4 bands and it was double booked with a dj/ hip hop, breakdance thing in between the punk bands.
* closer up. what a doozer!
* the fm tree tag. check.
* middle america is no more. middle spunk is now it.
*they gave up and settled there. a little on shore.
*a zine Andy was on.

a continued from last post at Andy's, fashionable idiot's headquarters,.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

the lutz...

the lutz loves KORN.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

tour part...2

more to come... damn computer .
* fashionable idiots headquarters... i met andy and asked where he did his mega posting. it was in here. i also asked him why our bands records were not on the wall like everyone else
? his reply, there is not enough room but i have your show flyer right here.that counts.
cody and i slept in that room. it was the most epic night of my life. i saved some of the carpet and i am ebaying it next week. history!
* seriously, one of the best moments of tour. in that bag, was left out meat that expanded. put merch guy by keg = trashed. behind him was even a far worse smell of meat rotting in the freezer. i think they said it was two moose hearts. when ever you opened the freezer door, straight death. Chris made this trip fun. he also removed his pants in Chicago at Adam's cousin house while drinking and hanging out.. mi casa, su casa.
* fresh meat... pic: j.a. gurz
*fresh meat / myself and Lars ..thanks : j.a. gurz a.k.a jack rabbit
* josh / middle american
* we are in heaven
* sweet.

after Chicago, was the drive to Minneapolis. show at the Alamo.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

fresh meat tour ... part 1...

* Adam's " artist profile shot . first book, how to hate ray gurz in 10 easy steps.
* clean.
* Adam's cousin's living room.
* the pelts. surf rock and a complete mess. they did rule.
*middle america.
*played at Cal's to 10 people. Darius hooked up the show. nice kick off. stay off the internet while my band is playing. i am watching.
* josh a.k.a. cops kid. singer of middle america. planning to rage in hours.
* subway. did it.
*art out.
* stopped at Reckless records. nice shop. i bought the MRR issue with the best review of FM ever. there is nothing good about this band.
* you got it.
* made it to Chicago. walking around. saw this. was in alien workshop video.
*this should have been skated.
* Adam's wardrobe / starter kit.check.
* tour crew...left to right...josh,jon,tom,cody,chris( roadie),myself,adam

fresh meat / middle america went on a little tour of the mid west and one date in Canada and headed back to the state.GG RIDES AGAIN TOUR. a nice 9 days of playing, complaining, laughing, gagging, then more playing. we all loved it. shit went smooth. the rental van made it very relaxing. no worries of it breaking down. made it to all the venues on time( shocking... even early!) we can't thank andy / fashionable idiots, all the others who let us crash at their pad, shit up their toilet, and helped us with gas so we wouldn't end up in severe debt. we met some really rad people out there. so there is some hope.

Monday, June 15, 2009

dump... mike and po birthday dump...

one of my favorite times . two bros having a joined birthday bash.

5 boro crew in town.

i love the end of this.

fm / middle america tour pics will be uploaded real soon.


Sunday, June 14, 2009



check him out. i am not sure if black metal is your thing. blood, cutting and the like.

..contact him..
or here.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


left to right... me, tom , josh


black jeans!
blue sweat shirts!
some version of red on us!
cell phone in front pockets!

back from tour...

we made it back fine. breaking rules, speeding tickets, ruining houses,and enough flannels to go around, we are back with stories upon stories.
more to come.