Friday, May 30, 2008


he says:'' have you ever held a guys hand as cute as me?''
she says:''i don't believe in love at first site dickbag!''

it's friday, have fun. see you at the art and sole event saturday night. i just got word from the doctor . no knee surgery.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

influence victim book release past saturday...

/ LV legends meet again. Eric and Sig/

/ a couple people shots/

/what the wall looks like in the back of homebase/

thanks to all who showed up opening night. the photos will be up till the end of june and the next artist will have his stuff up july 4th. and it will be a doozey. anyway, the books are still available. hit me up on and we can work thru shipping or no shipping deals. or , i have them with me at all times and if you want to meet up throughout the day, give me a ring.
same thing goes with lost soul stuff. i have decks and shirts and videos with me too. if you are hitting up homebase, make sure you ask for them if you don't see them hanging. locally, they are at amateur athlete too. so those three options you have to chose from. me, homebase or amateur.
big plans are coming together for lost soul skateboards and we should have new stuff in the next two weeks.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

andrew dice v...

this dude and others were at the book release this past weekend. were you?

Friday, May 23, 2008

friday morning munchies...

/ the Billy Kurtz has such a bad attitude. and a good one sometimes. yesterday his brother told me that billy was found somewhere because the two of them look nothing alike.

Billy is also the Claimer!

the photo show is tomorrow. tonight i will be hanging up my stuff. i will be ok. two pics to get final touches on framing today. make some posters and a insert .

27 pieces in all with the book there to purchase.

see you tomorrow at 14 west 4th st./ bethlehem, pa 18015

Thursday, May 22, 2008


/outside look of the window display/

/homebase window filled with my crap/

/homebase open window/

/ come around back and you can pick up your books/

/keystone digital press/

wednesday was one of those days i will never forget just because how much shit i piled into one day and how much gas i spent. i went to west chester in the morning to pick up the book, put up a window display at homebase, more running around, blick for frames and then back to Michael's for frames . painting frames. framing from 8 till 1: 30 in the morning. signed and numbered posters for the event out of 30. i wish i took a picture at Blick just because the general manager, janet, asked if i was ok because of how stressed i looked. i must have looked terrible.she hooked up a discount on how bad i looked. well, that look worked.
i hope people come out. details

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


so, at the end of all of these sentences, apply the name of this bar in japan. and it is not Michele.

influence victim is coming out this weekend..

photos from the book will be for sale and some are enlarged..

i am the new owner of lost soul skateboards..

lost soul is putting out a new promo in the next few weeks..

Michele is looking good in that photo..

Monday, May 19, 2008

monday morning...

/ this is probably one of my favorite family pictures i have.( hint... i am all the way to the right)not sure if you could tell it was me.

Friday, May 16, 2008

burritos and influence victim...

/here is a flash photo of the cover of my week yo./

/ at Cali burrito, nothing like enjoying a burrito and a invert all at once./

Thursday, May 15, 2008


/i saw this guy get out of ..... that car./

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

the last show ever at muscle beach...

/sewer election from Sweden . i love seeing overseas takes on noise. very cool./

/ the Rita. SAM brought it and it showed. way impressed and he skates too./

/oscillating innards destroyed. watched him years ago at JTP and still has it./

/workdeth was tight. Scott is super cool dude . great set./


we all knew it was cool for awhile but someone is out to get us out of the space.the cops showed up after oscillating innards little noise set. the show overall was sick. met new people and was amped on people's noise sets. the Rita and sewer election hadn't played yet and we were not ready to end the night. moved it to Jan's room and finished the show. the Rita from BC was up and then sewer election from Sweden. a few clips to feast on duds...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

tuesday dooder...

/ some random paint job done by i don't know who but it was at this skatepark we hit up on navigator tour years ago in the lina's . the skatepark's name said it all. it was the called " the park"./

Monday, May 12, 2008

air time a-hole...

/bubba getting major air time last week. yes, he made it./

well, it is Monday and a rough weekend was had. book should be done this week. filmed a trick yesterday when the wind made it feel like it was a hurricane. and it is another rainy Monday. ugh....

Friday, May 9, 2008

firsty friday...

Gian Carlo applying E.B.M to his coffee the other day while we were attending the L.V.A.N meeting. what is the L.V.A.N you ask? it is Lehigh Valley Artist Network. Gian Carlo, Josh Novak and myself are trying to create / showcase , a place where underground artist can have art shows and the such. the space we are using at the moment is Homebase Skateshop's back wall . we will be doing a new artist every month showcased at Homebase and the jump off will be the first Friday of the month at the shop.
more info is coming and a website to boot. the first event for the L.V.A.N will be May 24th in conjunction with Homebase Skateshop's Re- grand opening party. i know it is not the first Friday but the shop is not open till Tuesday.
all that are interested in this move to do a art space, we are thinking of a email list to let you know when these events are happening and times.
so, please come out May 24th for my book release, influence victim. i have gone nuts putting this together and i hope we can enjoy the show together.

oh..., what was my day like yesterday? up at 5:30 to get a MRI on my right knee, come home and rest for a hour. drive to West Chester to re submit my new files for my book to the printer. drive back to buy ownership of lost soul skateboards. Dan has fallen on hard times and i can't let lost soul just wither away slowly. so, there is a new boss in town and changes to come for sure.

what a day...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

fresh meat and drunkdriver weekend..

/ that just did happen!/

/Sean loves drunkdriver so much he had to tackle / hug Jeremy during the song/
/ Berdan/drunkdriver/

Jeremy/ drunkdriver stretches/

/drunkdriver rips/
/ Kristy/drunkdriver.... awaiting communication. she plays sick. /

/brad/ birth control , pre-served/

/brad/ birth control....... got served. /
/ Sean/ birth control, is a character. a good one./

/ Adam/ fresh meat with a new shave/

quite possibly one of the best back to back shows i have ever been involved with in my life. drunkdriver and fresh meat played Philly on Friday at planet mollie and Allentown on Saturday at Jan's room. Friday's show was a hoot because you never know who you are dealing with at any time. a unfamiliar face becomes , oh, you are in fresh meat? (Jeremy/ dd) yeah.(me/fm) i been talking to someone from your band online about these two shows.(Jeremy/ dd) really? who?(me/fm) this guy named ray.(Jeremy /dd) that's me(me/fm) .awesome.
Friday's line up was rad. distress signal played well but way to long for my taste. and when you see a singer refer to a lyric book, i lose aaaaaaalllllloooottttt of interest. next up was fresh meat. we finally have been hooked up with playing out of the lv and it was a awesome feeling. everything was tight but the bass breaking. no harm at all. birth control was way good after us. total chaos. people getting thrown around. Sean/ pissed jeans is singing for them now. and then drunkdriver. wow. i like them more than ever after seeing them play live. they killed it. the basement was out of control and i loved every minute of it.
Saturday was a long day for me and the show at Jan's started a bit late. but who cares. exit reflex tore thru the set. they are way good . then fresh meat played. singing in this band is way fun for me. a stress reliever for sure. drunkdriver destroyed it for the valley kids. Jeremy from drunkdriver said that the lehigh valley kids have been the ones that have contacted them the most out of everyone about playing a show in the area. i thought they played well to.
victims from Sweden played well and so did coliseum. so many people left but what are you going to do. they all paid. if they are not feeling the other bands, why should they stay.
anyway, you will probably see more shows with drunkdriver and fresh meat in the future. i totally see a split 7'' with the both of us to. even if i have to sell a chunk of my records. it should happen.
off to buy frames for my polaroid show/ book release.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

mad pussy...

/ two floors of pussy, sign me up!/ wait, it's that kind of pussy. i'm confused.

saw this in philly in fishtown.

Monday, May 5, 2008

craptastic monday...

/i feel like this bathroom. heavy use over time/
Weekend was way good. Friday and Saturday were show days for fresh meat. Sunday was a well deserved hangout day with my lady. and today, i went to the doctor for a problem with my knee. no breaks in the x-rays. let's hope there is no bad news for the MRI.
Influence Victim friends...... more touch ups after checking the proof and i will be heading back to the printer with a final edition.
Picked out some frames yesterday for pictures too. ***** i will be framing alot of the shots from the book and they will be available for purchase***** you will be able to buy a book and a pic from it. you know how Polaroids are. one of a kind shot.!

Friday, May 2, 2008

oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh huuuhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

well, today is judgement day for the photo book. of course i am being sent one with missing pages but i am emailing files that Po and I burned last night in a hot minute.

i never thought a book would drive me insane. Just when you think shit is going to go smooth,,, nope. it doesn't.

so now, i just wait till they drop one off , email new files to be opened by the printer and get the OK that everything is going to be printable.

side note... fresh meat is playing with drunkdriver tonight in Philly at planet mollie and Saturday at Jan's room in Allentown. pretty excited about these shows.

any who, if influence victim looks good, i am posting up a pick and order away. i'm really only making 200 for the first edition. otherwise, enjoy this photo from a recent trip to Philly.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

quit clowning around...

this is billy kurtz. the worst mouth ever lad from my day in the life. it's nice seeing him helping out at the demo. we took a quick break to shoot this photo with a clown who wasn't interested in taking a pic. he was working the sidewalk duh.