Wednesday, May 14, 2008

the last show ever at muscle beach...

/sewer election from Sweden . i love seeing overseas takes on noise. very cool./

/ the Rita. SAM brought it and it showed. way impressed and he skates too./

/oscillating innards destroyed. watched him years ago at JTP and still has it./

/workdeth was tight. Scott is super cool dude . great set./


we all knew it was cool for awhile but someone is out to get us out of the space.the cops showed up after oscillating innards little noise set. the show overall was sick. met new people and was amped on people's noise sets. the Rita and sewer election hadn't played yet and we were not ready to end the night. moved it to Jan's room and finished the show. the Rita from BC was up and then sewer election from Sweden. a few clips to feast on duds...

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theeasysubcult said...

hi ray, this is yr other half brother McStyles.
i'm about to start on that etching for you. i hope you guys are down with katakana and errant scratches because its going to blaze.
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