Wednesday, May 7, 2008

fresh meat and drunkdriver weekend..

/ that just did happen!/

/Sean loves drunkdriver so much he had to tackle / hug Jeremy during the song/
/ Berdan/drunkdriver/

Jeremy/ drunkdriver stretches/

/drunkdriver rips/
/ Kristy/drunkdriver.... awaiting communication. she plays sick. /

/brad/ birth control , pre-served/

/brad/ birth control....... got served. /
/ Sean/ birth control, is a character. a good one./

/ Adam/ fresh meat with a new shave/

quite possibly one of the best back to back shows i have ever been involved with in my life. drunkdriver and fresh meat played Philly on Friday at planet mollie and Allentown on Saturday at Jan's room. Friday's show was a hoot because you never know who you are dealing with at any time. a unfamiliar face becomes , oh, you are in fresh meat? (Jeremy/ dd) yeah.(me/fm) i been talking to someone from your band online about these two shows.(Jeremy/ dd) really? who?(me/fm) this guy named ray.(Jeremy /dd) that's me(me/fm) .awesome.
Friday's line up was rad. distress signal played well but way to long for my taste. and when you see a singer refer to a lyric book, i lose aaaaaaalllllloooottttt of interest. next up was fresh meat. we finally have been hooked up with playing out of the lv and it was a awesome feeling. everything was tight but the bass breaking. no harm at all. birth control was way good after us. total chaos. people getting thrown around. Sean/ pissed jeans is singing for them now. and then drunkdriver. wow. i like them more than ever after seeing them play live. they killed it. the basement was out of control and i loved every minute of it.
Saturday was a long day for me and the show at Jan's started a bit late. but who cares. exit reflex tore thru the set. they are way good . then fresh meat played. singing in this band is way fun for me. a stress reliever for sure. drunkdriver destroyed it for the valley kids. Jeremy from drunkdriver said that the lehigh valley kids have been the ones that have contacted them the most out of everyone about playing a show in the area. i thought they played well to.
victims from Sweden played well and so did coliseum. so many people left but what are you going to do. they all paid. if they are not feeling the other bands, why should they stay.
anyway, you will probably see more shows with drunkdriver and fresh meat in the future. i totally see a split 7'' with the both of us to. even if i have to sell a chunk of my records. it should happen.
off to buy frames for my polaroid show/ book release.

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