Friday, May 9, 2008

firsty friday...

Gian Carlo applying E.B.M to his coffee the other day while we were attending the L.V.A.N meeting. what is the L.V.A.N you ask? it is Lehigh Valley Artist Network. Gian Carlo, Josh Novak and myself are trying to create / showcase , a place where underground artist can have art shows and the such. the space we are using at the moment is Homebase Skateshop's back wall . we will be doing a new artist every month showcased at Homebase and the jump off will be the first Friday of the month at the shop.
more info is coming and a website to boot. the first event for the L.V.A.N will be May 24th in conjunction with Homebase Skateshop's Re- grand opening party. i know it is not the first Friday but the shop is not open till Tuesday.
all that are interested in this move to do a art space, we are thinking of a email list to let you know when these events are happening and times.
so, please come out May 24th for my book release, influence victim. i have gone nuts putting this together and i hope we can enjoy the show together.

oh..., what was my day like yesterday? up at 5:30 to get a MRI on my right knee, come home and rest for a hour. drive to West Chester to re submit my new files for my book to the printer. drive back to buy ownership of lost soul skateboards. Dan has fallen on hard times and i can't let lost soul just wither away slowly. so, there is a new boss in town and changes to come for sure.

what a day...

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