Wednesday, April 30, 2008

homebase was on 4th st...

/ Kurtz can paint cool stuff. new entrance to the shop/ SOON YALL'.
/ my car holding down the end of the street /

/this is for your blog? great./

/ Gary was effortless doing these blunt shuv's on the quarter./

/ kyle olley out to backside 50-50. his kickflip later in the day was way sick. no camera shot by me./

/jb pole jammers/
/ i have mentioned Jay Sigafoos in almost every interview i have ever done in my life. he is a true inspiration to skate with and watch. all hail Sigafoos!

/ah, I'll just add the lace so no one cops my steez!/

/ Po's set up is way sick. this helps with that flippy crap/

most of us know what happened this weekend with a outside demo for two shops. homebase skateshop and source bike shop. weren't certain both would mix but they did. everyone got along . took turns and enjoyed last Saturday afternoon. Bethlehem was rocking. here is a few shots. all hail Sigafoos!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

tuesday's catch up...

/ can u believe this was involved with washing clothes?/

/ Michele looking good /

/ tile set up at muscle beach/

so, yesterday i was forgetful in doing the page . i was concerned in dropping the discs off in west chester for the book to be made. i was told i have a sample book by Wednesday.sick.
but, it has been hectic around here. tile recorded the one sided lp last Thursday and must re record a track for it. and then Friday, i picked up Michele at work and we went out to Kutztown for the huge flee market that strolls thru a few times a year. people gawk at you if you take photos and don't spend hundreds on ther crap.
but, Saturday was action packed with the demo on 4th street in Bethlehem. all that tomorrow or later today.
i have taken over lost soul skateboards temporarily. i have alot to catch up on.
what a few days.

Friday, April 25, 2008

ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah!!!

/kurtz was on point Monday and with him yelling , brought me to enjoy the finer things in life. friends. /
/ mike threw a bottle at muscle beach and added so much to this painting. who knew mike was a artist?/

it's Friday my friends. well, going thru trouble with the book, i have possibly found a savior. a book press in West Chester, Pa. i am awaiting my samples being sent back to me. i sent files yesterday. cross your fingers. i am trying to upload the ordering details but a few days ago, i was quoted for my book $4300.00 . and at that price, i had a melt down and went nuts trying to find a place. so, if these samples are solid, order away and i will have paypal ordering or mail order cash or money order instructions for the book.
tile also recorded last night the one sided LP. no vocals yet but Chris horn and jarod recorded everything. the rough tracks came out great. sometimes slamming your bass helps with the over all sound . believe me.
anyway, spring on the 4th tomorrow in Bethlehem. i think it is 12 till 4. stop by HOMEBASE SKATESHOP for a side walk sale and spend some loot, check out the store and holler at yer boys!
have a good weekend and i will see you on Monday.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Gary pulling a sweet olley over to the other slab. i hit up the steps and filmed a trick as well.

oh, spring time is sweet.
peep this spot i been wanting to skate for awhile. pretty grimy but well worth it.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

saturday haps... part 1.5

/ this by far stumped me the most. we saw it and i ran 2 blocks . probably the worlds longest , single dred. a.k.a the head, shit lock. i am still in amazement over it. that is a ton of hair!/
/cruisn', /

not sure if i missed out on the try outs, maybe next time/

/excellent patrons. fixing a flat that wasn't ours/

/ you got ups? hand stand comp.

/ pushing thru old city/

the day in Philly was way fun. skating with Matt and Brett reminded of old times and how we just skated everything. and it didn't matter.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

saturday's haps... partial 1.

Brett hammering out a carve with some sweet steez .
we met up with Brett in Philly, Matt and i, and went skating thru the city all day. hit up a tattoo convention and then cruised back to the valley for a grip tape art show. i am in a mad rush to get out the door to meet Michele for lunch today , so i will be back on here later today.
enjoy the two pool shots we got. no busts. 45 minutes later and we are out.

Monday, April 21, 2008

hippy hop...

man, this is mad old. never got used for anything. this went down at a saugy session awhile back. but, there is one tonight. 6 till 8 and then a grab a wing at element lounge.

this weekend was rad. grip tape art show after a day in Philly skating. man, i will update later. the art show was put down by josh novak and he pulled it thru. we are thinking of a new venue next year. lvan. lehigh valley artist network.

also, the book was hammered out last night. some Minor details and it is off to the printer. the price may or may not change . not until i give them the FINISHED FILES.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

awesome weather out bro, i am off to skate. see you tomorrow.

Friday, April 18, 2008

thirsty thursday happenings...

half way through the book. long days but i need to get things finished. i am also trying to figure out a paypal price and all for the book. if you are interested, just email me to reserve a copy. . book release date is May 24th, 2008.

Saturday is suppose to be nice, i think i might have a full plan already.
see you Monday.

when i am done with helping Andy at the shop at night, i been hitting his computer to finish the book. i am half way.

/ long day for this kid and he has been pulling many hours through out the day to get the shop up while you have a chance./

/ at the abandon building we skate with this double ledge thing. people say the spots are really bad that i go to. look at the dangerous graff. /

/ V gearing up to put a blunt stall on the big part. the ground and the bank, is gross and all lumpy.i didn't take a pic because i was filming it. pulled it with ease./

/ Andy pulling a back tail at the spot V and i found. really funny everyone is trying to get to it, WITH OUT ME! thanks guys./

well, with this weather being amazing, why not get some skating in, help at the shop and finish this book. i enjoy long days and staying up late on Andy's computer to finish the book. DEADLINES.

homebase shop talk...

/ last night, dustin and jay layed down the floor tile for the front door. looking sharp./
/the other day, sanding was all i was doing./

/PO staining shelves ./

with the new shop trying to open up next Saturday the 26th, people have been helping where they can. this is a small click of photos. i am sure homebase myspace page will be bloggn' it up soon.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

art out..

/ i am the Mack truck dog and i am get'n some. found this on some ones truck last year. the delivery guys are such joke-sters.

/ our dryer broke the other day to. awesome. had to walk up the street to use these./

/at the trench. i will put up what i found floating in the water when i got there later. /
most of these happened yesterday. besides the mack truck getting his groove on with the toy women . check em'.

andrew w c...

this is Andrew W C.// the C is for Cody.when we came back from skating the other day last week, he was in this exact outfit as we opened the door. peep those new Nike's yo!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

look what i found...

this is my niece Kat. i think we were at a family bbq and she came up to me to show me what she found in the yard.

i bought a new camera this weekend to fill my digital buzz . my other one had a problem. the screen went on the back and i couldn't see anything.

so, i arted out yesterday and the photos are not coming up. if i figure it out, tomorrow will be a doozer of a update. i found some stuff at the trench yesterday that had me laughing to myself for a couple minutes. i had to walk away and come back to it to laugh more. it was that funny.

i am off to help Po today and head to jersey, then get a little skating in. this weather is awesome.
see you tomorrow.

Monday, April 14, 2008

monday monday...

hope you all had a good weekend. tile had a show Saturday and Sunday was doing taxes day.
tile only has a few tapes left of the limited to 30. i think 4. let me know if you need one.

this is my friend Kame . this is his skate shop he owns in japan. very cool guy and has been running that store since 1998 .if you ever go to japan and are in the area of Yokosuka, check out his's right by this free park(the one with the blue ground) .

it's nice out, i am tryn' to go skate today.

Friday, April 11, 2008

picture me rollin'...

Po setting up this gem of a garage sale item i found one time. it's name .. The Park Shark. holding it down with mad steez. skated really hard this week. yesterday was so nice out, i hope others all went out. i now have a broken camera . the LCD screen won't show any pics. so i will pick one up this weekend and all is good.

tile has a show on Saturday at Jan's room. come out. hit me up if you need info. have a good weekend.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

vegan friendly...

woahhhhhhhh. hey, where's that spot?
stay away from my fries and everything will be OK.
both of these pics are Andy v. at his finest. shot by me yo!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

homebase yo ...

here is Andrew PO. the dude has been slaving ridiculous man hours to get this up and running. lots of friends have been putting alot of hours as well but this dude is really trying to make this new move solid.i wish i had a before shot because this place has really come together in the last weeks. HOMEBASE SHOP WILL BE OPEN SOON! check the homebase myspace for additional info.

the new shop is looking way good. just a little teaser of a shot.

jan's room blast...

here are a couple of shots from friday's show. there are alot more but these stuck out to me.

megan/ pocket gallowsexit reflex
secret cutter
birth control