Wednesday, April 2, 2008

wedding day sweeper's...

well, we have been going thru the photos and there are alot. Brian hooked it up that day. a huge thanks to him. alot don't know, before the reception, we headed to the homebase ramp to fullfill a photo op with Brian and my friend Keith who drove all the way up from South Carolina. who wouldn't want to shoot a skate photo on the wedding day with two amazing photographers. we were here for 15 minutes and were off to the party.

we asked Michele to looked bored while i tried to smile and not ruin the tux.

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sandy z said...

Hi Ray, this is Max's mom. I like your blog. I always appreciate it when someone shows that they are intelligent and articulate. There's so many blank empty people out there that it's almost scary. Did you ever see the movie "The Day of the Locusts"? (If not you should) There's all these scenes where someone painted over the faces of people in the background with white's freaky and thought provoking. Keep up the good work!
Sandy Z