Friday, April 18, 2008

thirsty thursday happenings...

half way through the book. long days but i need to get things finished. i am also trying to figure out a paypal price and all for the book. if you are interested, just email me to reserve a copy. . book release date is May 24th, 2008.

Saturday is suppose to be nice, i think i might have a full plan already.
see you Monday.

when i am done with helping Andy at the shop at night, i been hitting his computer to finish the book. i am half way.

/ long day for this kid and he has been pulling many hours through out the day to get the shop up while you have a chance./

/ at the abandon building we skate with this double ledge thing. people say the spots are really bad that i go to. look at the dangerous graff. /

/ V gearing up to put a blunt stall on the big part. the ground and the bank, is gross and all lumpy.i didn't take a pic because i was filming it. pulled it with ease./

/ Andy pulling a back tail at the spot V and i found. really funny everyone is trying to get to it, WITH OUT ME! thanks guys./

well, with this weather being amazing, why not get some skating in, help at the shop and finish this book. i enjoy long days and staying up late on Andy's computer to finish the book. DEADLINES.

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