Tuesday, April 29, 2008

tuesday's catch up...

/ can u believe this was involved with washing clothes?/

/ Michele looking good /

/ tile set up at muscle beach/

so, yesterday i was forgetful in doing the page . i was concerned in dropping the discs off in west chester for the book to be made. i was told i have a sample book by Wednesday.sick.
but, it has been hectic around here. tile recorded the one sided lp last Thursday and must re record a track for it. and then Friday, i picked up Michele at work and we went out to Kutztown for the huge flee market that strolls thru a few times a year. people gawk at you if you take photos and don't spend hundreds on ther crap.
but, Saturday was action packed with the demo on 4th street in Bethlehem. all that tomorrow or later today.
i have taken over lost soul skateboards temporarily. i have alot to catch up on.
what a few days.

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