Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ohio skate out ... part 2

. this was the start of the next morning. name the movie!

. downtown Columbus. a record store.
. it rained like a hurricane.

. 5-0s to fakie. check it off.
almost the end of the day. a storm was coming.
. good idea here...... we have a car dealership and we need sales. how about we have a camel outside? that will get them in.
James giving the ladies a little taste.
.the aftermath.
. cannon balls? you got em'.
. Andy had me rolling. and when he landed, he splash all over these girls sunbathing. cheers.
Matt was fully expanded.
z- boy had spins.

. Andy by far was the best . he just fell out of the sky on this one.
. this was what was great about the parks. all next to pools. take a cool down at the pool and then go shred. Brett going for it. intense.

. Brian in the deep.

. z- boy pollard.

.another great start.

who care's by now? just need to go there before it gets to cold.

Monday, August 25, 2008


many of you don't know how i purchased lost soul and after all i see and read, you guys still don't know the truth.

doesn't anyone believe me? i am really trying to figure it out.

the truth is coming! i am not holding back.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

i am a loser today...

went to a contest and did horrible today.
i am a loser

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

ohio skate out... part 1

. honda's love bananas

another park. no name . small. has a fun bank on it. to me, that was it.

etcha humor.. was a must on this trip.

this is the first stop. can't remember. didn't care. this place just asked for you to go fast. we told brian to pull up and he did. he hasn't skated in over 5 years.
. matt is what he is. we all have excepted it.

. art name. ..hanes... why? jim always has gray tube socks on and wants to get sponsored by them. definately looking healthy in this shot!
. the etcha sketch was a car centerpiece. the best art was produced for sure.
. breakfast at Rise and dine. or shine. anyway, we drove all night . got to john's apartment for a quik 3 hr. nap to get up and get to the parks . john is the one on the phone. the women at this stop loved us.
.brian. aka. daddy. string fellow hawk. loses drink he has in hand on top of chris ' car . great start
. brett. a modest hello before we take off.
. matt. anti-social head phone skater of the trip. but wears appropriate shirt .
. james aka. foulest kid ever

. pank.

here is the start of the trip outside of west tchester. lineup goes as ...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

homebase back to school or not sale... deals

/ come and visit me at the shop, save some money and grab new gear. holler at cher' boy!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

puttn' yall to sleep...

. one of the best things working in the Southside was all the bums that just sleep / chill and beg for cash. they get run out by the police as of late. i really don't know why. to me, they are those really creepy street performers who can just sit and pretend to be one of those metal figures we all try to sit next to at amusement park . i am assuming this guy had a hard day at the office .
next update, ohio skate out! a few weeks back.

Monday, August 11, 2008

myrtle beach 08 part 3...

. and being buried at the beach. i was body surfing waves and i wrecked my back which crushed me . no skating for a couple days. picked me up and spit me out.

overall, a must needed vacation for Michele and i. no Internet either. and drove home with a shit of work to do. will we do it again. for sure.
. creepy clown i love to have in my house.

. Michele's nephew, Riley, loved yelling at us as he went by. this was the calm before the storm.

. in OC, never saw this place before. to long of a line to get some. i am sure they were gnar.
. what? backyard ramps are always a blast. the more JANKY, the better. this had movable brick coping, a metal bar on the other side, a board width for a extension and a cabinet that held up the other side of the deck. all of this, mixed together, was Aaron's ramp. i had a blast! Aaron front 50 thru the bricks.

.a good friend of mine, Andre, and his wife ( who i met for the first time) Heidi, just had there first baby a few days before we went down there. a baby girl, named Memphis. congrats!!!!
. Sundae was all about the beach. not to amped on leaving.

. this young lady was waiting patiently for our buzzer to go off. i told her to look FIERCE ! i bet she pose it more for Tyra.

. whenever i am down in Myrtle Beach, we do a visit to Yamato's for sum japanese food. hibachi style of course.
/ this is the last installment of that trip. i tried blogging away last week and the computer trip off with the power and here went all those photos.after a quick weekend with myrtle beach , we snuck up to Ocean City , Maryland for a day and a half and cruised home.
our quick summer vacation has come to a end.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

myrtle beach 08 part 2...

. a storm was off the coast and i told Aaron i had to see him surf . he was all over these waves.
. this frog has seen better days.

.Michele after a hole in one shot. she will just kill it and keep walking.

.she just did what she wanted. totally had a blast. she cheated and i hate when kids cheat. not really.

. this is Aaron and Sarah's girl Sundae. first time mini golfing. sure was funny.

a short part today because i woke up late. last nights show was brutal. tile, cult ritual, and salvation. who recorded all the sets via a really bad boom box. this guy.