Tuesday, August 19, 2008

ohio skate out... part 1

. honda's love bananas

another park. no name . small. has a fun bank on it. to me, that was it.

etcha humor.. was a must on this trip.

this is the first stop. can't remember. didn't care. this place just asked for you to go fast. we told brian to pull up and he did. he hasn't skated in over 5 years.
. matt is what he is. we all have excepted it.

. art name. ..hanes... why? jim always has gray tube socks on and wants to get sponsored by them. definately looking healthy in this shot!
. the etcha sketch was a car centerpiece. the best art was produced for sure.
. breakfast at Rise and dine. or shine. anyway, we drove all night . got to john's apartment for a quik 3 hr. nap to get up and get to the parks . john is the one on the phone. the women at this stop loved us.
.brian. aka. daddy. string fellow hawk. loses drink he has in hand on top of chris ' car . great start
. brett. a modest hello before we take off.
. matt. anti-social head phone skater of the trip. but wears appropriate shirt .
. james aka. foulest kid ever

. pank.

here is the start of the trip outside of west tchester. lineup goes as ...

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