Monday, August 11, 2008

myrtle beach 08 part 3...

. and being buried at the beach. i was body surfing waves and i wrecked my back which crushed me . no skating for a couple days. picked me up and spit me out.

overall, a must needed vacation for Michele and i. no Internet either. and drove home with a shit of work to do. will we do it again. for sure.
. creepy clown i love to have in my house.

. Michele's nephew, Riley, loved yelling at us as he went by. this was the calm before the storm.

. in OC, never saw this place before. to long of a line to get some. i am sure they were gnar.
. what? backyard ramps are always a blast. the more JANKY, the better. this had movable brick coping, a metal bar on the other side, a board width for a extension and a cabinet that held up the other side of the deck. all of this, mixed together, was Aaron's ramp. i had a blast! Aaron front 50 thru the bricks.

.a good friend of mine, Andre, and his wife ( who i met for the first time) Heidi, just had there first baby a few days before we went down there. a baby girl, named Memphis. congrats!!!!
. Sundae was all about the beach. not to amped on leaving.

. this young lady was waiting patiently for our buzzer to go off. i told her to look FIERCE ! i bet she pose it more for Tyra.

. whenever i am down in Myrtle Beach, we do a visit to Yamato's for sum japanese food. hibachi style of course.
/ this is the last installment of that trip. i tried blogging away last week and the computer trip off with the power and here went all those photos.after a quick weekend with myrtle beach , we snuck up to Ocean City , Maryland for a day and a half and cruised home.
our quick summer vacation has come to a end.

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