Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ohio skate out ... part 2

. this was the start of the next morning. name the movie!

. downtown Columbus. a record store.
. it rained like a hurricane.

. 5-0s to fakie. check it off.
almost the end of the day. a storm was coming.
. good idea here...... we have a car dealership and we need sales. how about we have a camel outside? that will get them in.
James giving the ladies a little taste.
.the aftermath.
. cannon balls? you got em'.
. Andy had me rolling. and when he landed, he splash all over these girls sunbathing. cheers.
Matt was fully expanded.
z- boy had spins.

. Andy by far was the best . he just fell out of the sky on this one.
. this was what was great about the parks. all next to pools. take a cool down at the pool and then go shred. Brett going for it. intense.

. Brian in the deep.

. z- boy pollard.

.another great start.

who care's by now? just need to go there before it gets to cold.

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