Tuesday, April 8, 2008

pensyl's parents house party...

fire away . Luke is relaxing.
here's Dan . this was shot through mid conversation with our friend john and i, about this new technique in punching he learned to take out people. Dan rules hard on his board. he will also beat the crap out of you if you mess with his friends .

Roger gave me a shot to work framing with him and Dan years ago. Dan and his dad would yell at each other throughout the day. i loved it.when i first started with Dan, his dad would say stuff to me and i had no idea what he was saying. i smile and nod. Pensyl's family is like no other. they are always supportive of his sons skating and super supportive of his friends.
Roger, " make a bagel"!

fire photo: this kept us toasty. let luke add the wood / picnic bench.
this was sick Saturday night. it went on all day but i couldn't get there till 6. most of the 5boro crew was there. his parents are moving and wanted to have a last party. seriously , good times. here is some shots.a huge thanks goes out to the pensyl family.

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