Wednesday, April 30, 2008

homebase was on 4th st...

/ Kurtz can paint cool stuff. new entrance to the shop/ SOON YALL'.
/ my car holding down the end of the street /

/this is for your blog? great./

/ Gary was effortless doing these blunt shuv's on the quarter./

/ kyle olley out to backside 50-50. his kickflip later in the day was way sick. no camera shot by me./

/jb pole jammers/
/ i have mentioned Jay Sigafoos in almost every interview i have ever done in my life. he is a true inspiration to skate with and watch. all hail Sigafoos!

/ah, I'll just add the lace so no one cops my steez!/

/ Po's set up is way sick. this helps with that flippy crap/

most of us know what happened this weekend with a outside demo for two shops. homebase skateshop and source bike shop. weren't certain both would mix but they did. everyone got along . took turns and enjoyed last Saturday afternoon. Bethlehem was rocking. here is a few shots. all hail Sigafoos!

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