Thursday, May 29, 2008

influence victim book release past saturday...

/ LV legends meet again. Eric and Sig/

/ a couple people shots/

/what the wall looks like in the back of homebase/

thanks to all who showed up opening night. the photos will be up till the end of june and the next artist will have his stuff up july 4th. and it will be a doozey. anyway, the books are still available. hit me up on and we can work thru shipping or no shipping deals. or , i have them with me at all times and if you want to meet up throughout the day, give me a ring.
same thing goes with lost soul stuff. i have decks and shirts and videos with me too. if you are hitting up homebase, make sure you ask for them if you don't see them hanging. locally, they are at amateur athlete too. so those three options you have to chose from. me, homebase or amateur.
big plans are coming together for lost soul skateboards and we should have new stuff in the next two weeks.

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