Wednesday, July 8, 2009

tile review...

fashionable activism has reviewed fresh meat stuff before, and now he has done a tile cassette that josh said he would be into if he bought it.

Tile - Adult Video

I bought this Cassette at the Fresh Meat/Middle America show a few weeks ago after it was recommended to me by one of them. Tile play perverted and heinous noise rock. Self discribed "Allentown, Pennsylvania sleezy, sludge, punk rock, noise band." For fans of Brainbombs, Flipper, Drunks With Guns or contemporaries Drunkdriver, Clockcleaner, etc. Tile has the singer of Fresh Meat/Carpenter Ant playing bass and vocals. Buy the re-press of their first 7" and their new 12" EP at Limited Appeal. I've heard nether. Apparently they've only played shows inside of PA, this should change. head to tilenoise for more news, mp3, contact etc.

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