Wednesday, July 29, 2009

parts of tour missed...

* we stopped the next morning at the famous Jeffery Daumer pay phone . band pick, must.
* Milwaukee was a good basement show. holy shit brought the speed and was way good.
* how else to celebrate than shots before bed.
* leather outfit, check.
* condominium ruled. played some great jams.Kim / bass is Andy's roommate and cooked us up some grub. shes plays in a rad band too.
*what? we played on a bowling alley in Minneapolis,Mn. memory lanes was the place to be on a monday night.Andy booked the show. the sleaze and condominium played.
* Cody became a new person once he bought a leather jacket and this sweet shirt i picked out. girls, eat your heart out.
*we made it back across the border. no taxes on shit.i took control over it. played the game and won.don't ever not trust me again!
* Cody showing off his more sensitive side.
* mike/ born bad ruled . they killed it and that is why they are going to be the first release on cops kid. i am honored. mike, took us around the town sites in the evening. shit, he took us to this place to grab some coffee. i got it for free.
* modern problems laid out some jams. if i recall, there was fang cover. or flipper.
played in Winnipeg, Canada. we were risking getting across the border. the van was not suppose to get across. risk it! we played at war on music record store. a rad venue and store.

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