Sunday, March 23, 2008


here is a start to a project i will try to edit on a daily basis.

right now i am listening to holy family parish and i don't know why it has taken me two years to open this tape and listen to it. it is done by matt from air conditioning. it is way good. blown out and well worth the wait. thanks matt.

i have been trying to finish my first photo / artbook called influence victim. it is down to the wire. some minor details and a p.o box and it will just be left to final editing. i am hoping this comes out in the next month or so. cross your fingers!

this project was idea that i just went for. i never use to shoot photos besides a digital here and there. but, this project is different. i used a Polaroid camera that used 600 film. a standard , old school Polaroid camera. nothing fancy schmancy.

i used so much film and to fill a 80 page book, i had alot of photos. there is a little artowork done by myself in it as well. alot of people won't expect me to paint with watercolors and acyrlics but, it is relaxing. i really enjoy it when i am not skating or at band practice.

this is a self published and limited book. i am trying to stick to my guns and make it just a edition of 200. we will see. and if it would sell out, i may run another edition. who knows.

been skating alot to. i been wandering the streets of allentown, looking down alley ways for good spots. been taking pics and writing down street names to go back to later. actually finding new stuff is very refreshing for sure.

well, i will be back again tomorrow . off to bed.

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