Monday, March 31, 2008

tile news...

me.. bass
chris.. drums

mike.. guitar

all pictures by brian froustet.
show on April 12, 2008
Jan's room( moved from muscle beach)
bands: deep jew, god willing, tile, the ruined fame, sanguine vessel and embarker
$7.00 donation for this.
also, go to for other info...
tile still has sloth split 7''s for sale along with the rejected press of the tile 3 song 7'' on limited appeal. adult video cassette is available but we are down to the last copies and there will not be a repress of the tape. contact me if you are interested in purchasing.
for this show on the 12th , we are doing a very limited new 3 song tape. no title as of yet but we just hammered out the tracks last week. i am doing vocals tonight for the last track. recorded at muscle beach by chris horn. intense is the only thing that comes to my mind.
more news on that press of the tape when i know what we are doing. come out to the show on the 12th.

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