Wednesday, October 28, 2009

tile show this past weekend...

* the reason this band keeps moving. he is the spinal cord.chris "bad dude" horn
*tile minus mike who left immediately. chris is a great dude i wish i hung out with more.
bad dudes.
*bubba killed it in his costume.
* jenny g hated my sweet dance moves that put the ladies all into a trance.
*andrew po with a slight accident to his neck. bangn'!!!!!!!!
* this is anthony. the owner of sotto santi. a man with a great sense of humor. go buy slices from him.

this past saturday was the eskandalo 2 year anniversary . last year we played and the same with this year. we kicked out a jam for them as well. i wrote it. i wrote the song musically and mike kicked out some awesome lyrics. this was a very good time.

alison had a artshow at sas and even a prom picture area. was very tight.

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