Monday, January 26, 2009

look what came in the mail today...

* sweat her and man or woman*
* limited two song tape that came with the pre-orders.*

the fresh meat 2 song single on breathing problem productions has arrived at my doorstep today.
the press is of 350 and the band has 60. most definately a one time press.


joshua said...

hello, sorry to bother you. i ordered the sweat her 7" from BPP back in February, really psyched to hear it. it took them a little over a month to finally send it and they packaged it w/out any cardboard, so it got bent up when it was shoved in my mailbox. i e-mailed BPP right away about it and they said they would send a new copy the next day. needless to say, that was mid-march and i'm still waiting.

to make a long story short, i was curious if you guys wouldn't mind sending over mp3s of the 7"? i've given up hope on getting my hands on a playable copy and have really wanted to hear the songs on the 7" for a while.

hope to hear back from you soon. thanks.


(i e-mailed this to youngstud4u69 as well)

小小彬 said...