Thursday, December 25, 2008

lost and now found...

i use to be very up to date with this site. losing another camera for a month, having a computer crash and trying to work two jobs and run a third of a job called lost soul skateboards is a struggle. i will be slimming some of my jobs down after the holiday and can't wait to get skating going on outside once shit thaws out.

lost soul is slow now like everyone else but we are trying to debut a new video and add some team members this spring and they will hopefully have some parts put together. the name of the video hasn't bounced out of my mouth yet but it will and we will start with constant remindersof the video dropping.

and here is to another year soon to pass.

i found my camera last night. a month later. and i amcharging it up and some post with pics tonight i swear.

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