Wednesday, October 15, 2008


/Phil got the smores action going and said, let's eat. /
/pat and i got this fire going/check out ballin's
/the other side of tent city. the next morning mine was flipped over because during the night,
it started to rain and i didn't put this cover over and woke up wet. so, i got out, brought out my crap, flipped my tent and slept in a small corner wet, shaking and loving camping. i am a idiot.
/more tents/
/first night tent set up in a state park for $4.00 a head/
/shiner was that dude who took your money./
/the dough/
/what? a dice game? imagine that on this trip./
/what part of the van looked like inside. the tool box always got kicked out and we all laughed/
/mike's interpretation of Phil with a added twist. mike had me laughn' hard on this trip/
/my man ballin's grabbing z's the best he could/
/in the early am in west virginia/
/chairs at rest stop in pa/

i would just refer to jaguar nono or brenden's blog for more descriptions. i am just pissed i lost my camera and now have no excitement in putting up one of the best trips in my life.

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