Monday, July 28, 2008

eric de jesus artwork / live instillation ...

. this piece and many others are up. you can buy them if you like.
. . the man at work. loves Black Flag wine.

. a nice size crowd there to take a look at what goes on in Eric's head . blurred out for your liking.

. last minute cuts and well over it by now. i am blurred out. am i tripping out? i feel weird.

. Rybo is now really famous. back to back artshows at HB and he was apart of them!

. Eric totally hating on me with such a punk attitude. not so psychedelic right there!

the first Friday of July was upon us and at Homebase skateshop, we go ahead and let a artist put up art on the backwall and encourage the people to come out and have a good time.
July's artist was Eric de jesus and is a local to say the least. he has been in this area of the LV for many years and has done all that we wish we did or knew of to do, in this area. he plays music. does artwork. helps builds sets for Transformers. he has done it.
i have tons of interests and respect for this guy and all that he does. stop in a Homebase and take a look at his front window and back wall. it will not disappoint.

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