Tuesday, June 3, 2008

fantastic tuesday...

/jimmy was willing to risk life and limb to battle a transformer. A AMERICAN HERO TO US ALL!/
/ really bad shot of the steel lit up./

/well, after quite a day on Monday, this is a good start to Tuesday. yesterday i saw a kids car at the bottom of a hill. bikers or stupidity, we will find out.
saugy session and some wings at Element. then, the night gets amazing. while raising and convincing shiner to charge the transformers set for 100 dollars, jimmy runs up. says 100 dollars, i will do it for FREE! snags the board out of my hands and just barges the security line and goes. and goes. ending up all the way down at the end of the set to hanging out and then slowly coming back and is snagged up by security . brought back to the police and the officer telling jimmy that he made him look bad.
which rules.
what a night!

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