Saturday, February 21, 2009

todd rupp artshow... at homebase skateshop.

* good amount of new people showed up. nice to see and meet and watch them come support todd*
todd rupp is a young guy with a twist on the norm. i booked todd because he wanted to do this art show but also was very passionate about it. it blew me away how determined he was. the show is up till the end of the month. and then the REMIXED show will be up.

bub's gets down...

bubba and i were so amped on spring coming, the one day we shot this while i was taking a quick break. 60 degree day and we both couldn't meet up with anyone.

a side note: do not drop your digi in the toilet and expect it to work. . not sure how i am going to update from now on.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

two more choices ...

"guilty of being white"

*minor my eyes... 7'' don't worry, i got this on black vinyl and a good friend of mine found me a real cover instead of a photocopy. so stoked. i mean, come on, this is what it is all about. many of years this record has been heard and i never owned it. i finally do.

*dinosaur're living all over me...12'' this is on SST records and before they became dinosaur jr. fucking rips and it is a great listen.

more records... vinyl is not dead

*no age...nouns...12'' a record that came out last year on Sub Pop and i bought it then. white vinyl nerd i am. anyway, so good. it is a must.

records of sum inspiration...

* sex vid...communal living...12''.. another gem of a record. brutal. footsteps rules.

* drunkdriver...born pregnant... 12'' .. seriously crude and loud. love it.

i am trying to keep up on the blog. seriously.

these are two records i been putting on and getting amped .i will keep reviewing or just spatting out records i am very psyched on.

the man...

i don't know what it is , but whenever RAMBO first blood comes on, i can start watching from any part of the movie and go on.

John Rambo.

Monday, February 2, 2009

the weird you find...

these were two bizarre things i found when i last went with Michele to Kutztown.pretty much summed up what weird stuff is there.

and, we are in February, spring is almost here.